Goodbye Autumn 2011

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Deer in FernsRed Deer - Sunrise Among Ferns Since December is here, it’s now officially winter. So I thought I’d take a look back at some favourite photos from a busy autumn…

The Red deer photo above was a highlight for me I think, and the reward for a number of early-mornings.

Autumn is the season for deer, and red deer especially, as it’s the season our largest land mammals reach peak-fitness, maximum antler-size, and least timidness. We also get those lovely misty mornings, as the sun is still warm enough to heat the damp ground. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the smell of damp grass in the morning.

This is a Sika deer, at dawn:

Sika Deer at dawn

This black & white shot was from a trip out just to test a new camera and lens set up. Frustratingly, this encounter could have given me one of my best ever shots, but unfamiliar with the lens and new camera settings, I didn’t really make the best of it. I’m happy with the composition, but I didn’t nail the shot. But hey-ho, that was the point of going out and practising - I just didn’t expect to get this opportunity my first day with the camera.

Red Deer Reflection

OK, so enough deer already.

This autumn, I also took a trip to the New Forest…

New Forest Pony

Got some fun squirrel shots…

Peeping squirrel

And, as a bit of extra fun for me, I had a photo shown on BBC 2’s Autumnwatch Unsprung…

Red Fox

So as we pass the autumn cut-off, winter arrives, and I have a couple of ideas lined up for the season. A couple of trips to see a Norfolk seal colony, hoping for some scenic snowy shots, and of course more deer!

Post by George Wheelhouse, 2011.


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