iPad iOS 6 Update – Camera Connection Kit Fix

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I have “The New iPad”, AKA “iPad 3”. I use it to review photos after a shoot. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about my workflow, but haven’t yet gotten around to it. Suffice to say that at the end of the day, I use Apple’s Camera Connection Kit to copy photos directly from my camera (currently a Nikon D800) to my iPad, where I can quickly and easily review the photos on the high-resolution display, and see what I’ve got. I can then delete the ones I don’t want to keep, and I import the ‘keepers’ into Lightroom, directly from the iPad.



With the introduction of iOS 6, the iPad would no longer import photos from the Nikon D800. There was no useful error message – Just a red exclamation mark over the thumbnail image, rather than the nice green tick displayed when it’s been imported successfully. This is something that worked fine in iOS 5, but suddenly no longer worked after the upgrade to iOS 6. Other cameras which also apparently fail are the Nikon D600, and D3200 – All high-resolution (MP) sensors.



After a lot of Googling, I found several forums suggesting various ‘fixes’ that didn’t work:

  • “update iPhoto to v1.1” – No use to me, as I don’t have iPhoto, and this doesn’t feel like a logical solution.
  • “The memory card isn’t formatted correctly” – Yes it is, this is a flagship camera from a major manufacturer. And it worked in iOS 5!
  • “Photo Filenames must be 8 characters long” – See above.
  • “iOS 6 only imports photos less than 5000px wide” / Some other resolution-based limitation has been applied by Apple  – OK, this does sound like something Apple might do, but it’s infuriating, and more people would be complaining about it.



All I had to do was close down the apps I had running.

You do this by double-clicking the Home button, and closing down the icons along the bottom of the screen. I restarted the iPad, but I don’t think that was really essential. Now the iPad is back to importing high-res RAW files from the D800. I guess the cause was that I had too many apps open at once, and the iPad simply didn’t have enough RAM available to process the large photos I was trying to import.

Hey presto. Hope it works for you.


Post by George Wheelhouse, 2012


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