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Ladybird on swirly glass background.Ladybird - Landscape I finally made the time to photograph some ladybirds from our garden, and I'm so glad I did. I didn't want the "bug on a leaf" look. I wanted to create something quite unusual, and bordering on the abstract.

I think a lot of my photos are very straight forward. Very often characterful portraits or busy action shots. So I wanted to take the opportunity to do something quite different here. Ladybirds are so photogenic, and the burst of colour really makes for an eye-catching shot.

I found a fantastic glass plant pot which wasn't in use, and it made for a perfect background, with all the red & white swirls. I was able to put it outside, and use a mixture of natural and artificial light. You can see my cobbled-together set-up below;

Ladybird Photography Setup

It was a sunny day, and direct sunlight was too harsh for the subject. So I used the hardboard to keep out the direct sunlight, and I used the torch on the left of the pot to light the subject more softly, from an interesting angle. I was using the Sigma 17-70mm lens, but any macro lens will do.

I got quite a few good photos using this technique, but I had to pick my favourites to post here, as there were far too many. Here's another from the shoot...

Portrait ladybird abstractLadybird - Portrait


These photos, and most others from this website, are available in print or to licence.

Any questions; leave a blog comment below, or get in touch.

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