Hello Autumn 2012

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Well the year is flying by, and already we’re getting into Autumn 2012.

I’m looking forward to a packed schedule of wildlife photography, both here in Britain and in British Columbia, Canada.

First off, we should be into the deer rut in the next couple of weeks…

a red deer stag in the misty woodland sunriseRed Deer - Sunrise Among FernsRed Deer, in the Autumn dawn.

My favourite deer photo of this year, and I have it framed at home.

British Wildlife Fine Art Photography. Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK.

During the deer rut, the stags are at peak condition – antlers fully gown. They spend their time calling to attract females, which they corral, and defend from rival males. When two males compete for hinds, they assess each others condition by the volume and depth of each others calls, then march along side each other trying to look as fit & strong as possible. If they still haven’t decided who’s in the best condition, then it comes to a fight. It’s very much like Bedford on a Saturday night in that respect. Except that these males are armed with huge antlers and immensely powerful neck muscles, which they use to crash into each other and wrestle for dominance. I’ve yet to get any spectacular action photos of a fight, so that’s a definite target for this autumn. As well as plenty more sunrise and sunset shots of the deer in their environment.

I’m also off to Canada later this month to witness something I’ve always want to see in the wild; Grizzly bears in British Columbia

I took the shot above of a grizzly in captivity, in 2010, during my last visit to Canada. This time I’m going prepared to find them in the Salmon-filled rivers of Bella Coola in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia. Hopefully I’ll come back alive, and with a batch of grizzly photos to share :-)

I’ll also be looking for other native wildlife of BC including Bald EaglesBlack BearsKiller WhalesGrey WhalesRaccoonsLumberjacksCoyoteMountain LionsLynx, and Wolves. Now, we’re extremely unlikely to bump into some of them, but you never know. If we do, I’ll have my camera ready!

Side-on portrait on a bald eagle in studio-lit conditions.Bald Eagle - Black, White, and YellowI think Bald Eagle's are such fantastic birds. They're so huge, you can really read a lot into their faces. They're particularly effective for this kind of abstract photography, and simplifying the colours here, help really emphasise the key features of the head.

Fine Art Nature Photography, captive, UK.


Later on, as winter approaches, I’ll be back to the Norfolk coast for the Grey Seals. Looking for some cute pup photos this year, which I didn’t quite get last year. And with a little luck, I’ll get some more photos of the adorable Sanderlings too…


And lastly, before winter arrives, I have to choose some photos from the last 12 months for a 2013 calendar. That should be ready sometime in November. I’m open to suggestions, so if you have a favourite from this year, let me know and I’ll try to find a month for it.

Post by George Wheelhouse, 2012.


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