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Seljalandsfoss waterfall, with pink water lit by the warm autumn sunsetSeljalandsfoss SunsetSeljalandsfoss is a spectacular waterfall, which you can walk right around, and pick your favourite view. This was mine, and I took it just before the sun dipped below the horizon. The curtain of water is lit pink like the clouds by the sunset, and the cave behind is illuminated too. A spectacular sight.

Landscape Photography, Southern

Crazy as it seems, my Flickr account just ticked over one million photo views. That’s staggering really. I don’t read too much into stats, but this feels like the kind of milestone I would never have expected to reach a few years ago. I received a huge boost in this respect, from my Seljalandsfoss Sunset photo, which hit Explore last September, and was shared all around the web. Things have been very busy on Flickr ever since then.

Anyway here we are. I was thinking of something to do to mark the occasion, and I figured I’d try to spread the good vibes to my friends and contacts on Flickr, who encourage & inspire me to keep raising my game. I genuinely enjoy checking my contacts’ photo list, to see what everyone’s been up to. I check it most days, and there’s always something interesting and original to see. I particularly like to see a photo in the stream and be able to guess who took it – which is great, as it means I’m hanging around with people who are developing an identifiable style, just as I aspire to do.

So, with this in mind, the following is an randomly-ordered list of 50 Nature & Wildlife Photographers on Flickr that I follow, and recommend you check out also.

Huge apologies to those I didn’t have space for here. It was very hard to pick out just a quarter of the people I follow in order to keep this list at a sensible length. But I suggest that anyone takes the time to browse through my full list of contacts here, for more inspiring and interesting Flickr photographers.

If, for any reason, you’d rather not appear on this list, just drop me a FlickrMail.


Mark G Smith
UK-based, but amazing wildlife photography from around the world.
Stuart G Wright
High standard of wildlife photography.

Alan MacKenzie
Wildlife & Landscapes. His starlings and roe deer are particularly good.

Wildlife. I love his red squirrel pictures from late 2013.

Ben Locke
Best known for his wild boar photos, but there’s much more besides. 
Richard Bowler
British wildlife photography. Based in Wales now, and always finding interesting local wildlife. 
Susie Hewitt
British wildlife and creative macro photography. Even some drawings too. 
Jen St. Louis
Canadian nature photographer with a particular love for raptors and Iceland. 
Richard McManus
Great wildlife photos from all over the world, and I love his Norwegian landscapes. 
Rob Cain
A long-time friend, and we’re often out shooting together. He’s into any landscape or wildlife subjects. 
Dan Belton
Passionate about nature, Dan loves wildlife watching, and thankfully he takes his camera to share the results. 
Dutch photographer, with a great eye for an atmospheric photo. 
Stef Bennett
Stef shares a steady stream of British birdlife, well worth a look. 
Elliot Hook
Elliot has a great collection of wildlife photos, and some stunning landscapes. 
Danny’s Nature
Danny shares photos of all kinds of wildlife, as well as zoo photos. 
Stuart Shore
Stuart shoots all kinds of wildlife subjects, and his barn owl photos are really top notch. 
PhotoArt Images
Mandy is a travel photographer from Australia, and she shares landscape photos from all over the world. 
Marsel van Oosten
Marsel is a truly world class wildlife photographer, and his images are always creative and inspirational. 
Bridget Davey
Bridget focusses mainly on travel and pet photography, though she shoots all kinds of subjects, and she has a warm, clearly identifiable style. 
Clare Ward
British wildlife. Her recent peregrine series was great. 
Sue T
Sue is always out amongst British wildlife, and has recently been sharing photos from an African safari too. 
David P Hughes
David shoots a variety of subjects, but is landscapes and wildlife photography are fantastic. 
Sharing all manner of wildlife, and specialising in British micro-fauna. 
Richard Ives
British wildlife. His more recent adder photos are particularly good. 
Jeremy Sargent
Jeremy has been a positive voice in my ear for a few years now, and his landscapes are always interesting and inspiring. 
Wild Dogger
Thomas is a German photographer, sharing spectacular photography of iconic African wildlife. 
Ben Andrew
Ben is an accomplished photographer who goes for an original take on all British wildlife. 
Waylander Images
A mixture of top-notch wildlife, and creative & experimental landscapes. We bump into each other a lot, and he’s always very friendly and helpful. 
A Dutch photographer, with a super set of nature photography from the UK and Europe. 
All manner of nature photography from around the UK. 
Grandpops Woodlice
Always a strong set of wildlife photos, but I’m particularly keen on his longer-focal-length landscapes. 
Sharing photos from Wisconsin; I especially enjoy her wolf photography, which I suspect is a favourite subject for her too. 
Samantha Nicol Art Photography
Samantha doesn’t concentrate on wildlife, but always comes up with something interesting and creative when she does. 
Steve is a landscape photographer, with a great catalogue of black and whites. 
Highland Andy
Top-notch wildlife photography from the Scottish Highlands. 
Not exclusively nature photography, but his landscapes & city scenes are always interesting. He’s a good friend, and he shoots with film. Imagine that. 
Innovative nature photography from Scotland, especially his macro photography which is world class. Do check them out. 
KHR Images
Kevin is out with his camera as often as I am, and always brings back great wildlife photos to share. 
Grim Weaver
I really love Chris’s Scottish landscapes. He has a way of capturing atmosphere and clouds like I don’t see elsewhere. And unbelievably, he still seems to keep getting better and better. 
Wildlife photography, covering some iconic British Species, and also seems to be really improving quickly. 
Peter Trimming
Peter is very fond of red squirrels, and has a fantastic back-catalogue of red squirrel photos. 
Karen Summers
Karen has about the best collection of British owl photos around, and they keep coming like a conveyer belt. Bring it on. 
David Barnes
David takes a particular interest in local wildlife and spends lots of time outdoors photographing all manner of species. 
Steve Skinner
A relatively recent find, Steve has some spectacular landscapes. I particularly like his recent series from the Canadian Rockies. 
James Shooter
James has a great collection of British wildlife photography, and is currently living in the Scottish highlands, to my great jealousy. 
Steven Ward
Great set of nature photographs, particularly his barn owls and buzzards. 
Stacy Woolhouse
Stacy photographs all kinds of species, both wild and captive. 
Daniel Trim
Dan is a huge fan of wildlife with some fantastic photos. He’s recently travelled to the far East, and has now embarked on a trip across Europe. Watch this space. 
Ross Forsyth
Not exclusively wildlife, but he takes his fair share of fantastic nature photography. His recent bear photos from Alaska are particularly good. 
Full Moon Images
Based in East Anglia, he has a knack of finding great wildlife opportunities in his local area. 


And of course, there’s always me too: Old-Man-George



For me, Flickr remains the best social network for photography, and I’ve found a very welcoming community on there. They’ve recently updated the interface for a more modern look, which has reduced the emphasis on interaction somewhat. That’s a shame, but it remains a popular and well-liked platform, with a user-base that is passionate about photography, and shares a common goal to put their own photos out there and enjoy the photos from others.

Post by George Wheelhouse, 2014.


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