Ladybird Macro Photoshoot

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A couple of years ago, I took some ladybird photos in our garden, placing them in a red plant pot for an abstract surrounding. But I was never quite happy with the results. I’m not sure I reached the potential of the idea, and I’ve since bought a better macro lens too. So I thought this spring was a good opportunity to have another go at the ladybird macro idea.

I used this glass plant pot:

blue glass plant potblue glass plant potblue glass plant pot

I decided to go with blue & white, rather than the complimentary red I used last time. The Glass is primarily blue, but it’s laced with white swirls, which creates a really pleasing effect when photographed up close.

ladybird macro portraitladybird macro portraitladybird macro portrait

By placing an external flash to one side of pot, I was able to turn it into a light-box of sorts, as the light from the flash hit the glass, and spread around it. I’ve only recently bought a flash, and I’m currently enjoying learning how to make the best use of it.

ladybird macro on blueladybird macro on blueladybird macro on blue

I tried this with three different ladybirds, so each one wasn’t employed for too long. I also tried a mix of landscape and portrait shots, but generally I think the landscape-orientated images looked the best.

Ladybird macro in a plant potLadybird macro in a plant potLadybird macro in a plant pot

Ladybirds can move surprisingly quickly, so I needed a relatively fast shutter speed. This combined with the narrow aperture for depth of field, means that it’s important to get enough light on the subject. So the flash really helped for that.

Ladybird MacroLadybird MacroLadybird Macro

Cute as they seem, ladybirds are beetles, and are valuable garden visitors since they eat many pest species which would otherwise be munching through the flowerbed or vegetable patch. To encourage ladybirds in your garden, try building some kind of insect habitat.

And while I was taking the plant pot photos, I also tried placing one on a spare bathroom tile, for this unusual abstract ladybird macro…

Ladybird macro on greyLadybird macro on greyLadybird macro on grey

Post by George Wheelhouse, 2014.


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