Blackface Sheep Profile

June 23, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I have a new photo to share! This is a profile shot of a Blackface sheep.

Blackface Sheep ProfileBlackface Sheep ProfileThe iconic Blackface breed of sheep, with it's characteristic curled horns. Photographed in low-key style, on black.
This approach, from side-on allowed me to frame the eye within the horn.
I took this photo in Snowdonia, Wales, UK.

Blackface sheep, usually Scottish Blackface, are the most common breed of sheep in the UK, due to their hardy nature. And with a bit of luck it's possible to encounter one with these characterful curled horns. I found this willing individual in Snowdonia, a few weeks ago, and set about getting this side-on 'profile' shot.

This photo is another for my collection of On Black portraits, which I'm working on expanding this year. Like most photos on my website, it's available to order in print right away :-)

Framed Photo of a Scottish Blackface SheepFramed Photo of a Scottish Blackface SheepPhoto in print for wall art. -

In other news, I've just come back from Greenland! So apologies for the brief blog post this month - it's been pretty hectic. Once I've had a bit of time to sift through them all, I'll have photos to share of ice, sea, and more ice!


Post by George Wheelhouse, 2019.



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