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Landscape Photography from The Dolomites

February 08, 2020
Finally, I'm getting around to sharing my images of The Dolomite mountains. Also known as the 'Italian Alps', the Dolomites sit at the North East of Italy, meeting the bo...
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Low-Key Nature Photography: Exotic Species

January 12, 2020
Following on from a previous blog post of low-key owl portraits, here are some more photos shot in low light with Teaching Talons. This time it's a set of more exotic spe...
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Grey Seal Pups

December 23, 2019
A visit to a seal colony is one of the highlights of the British wildlife calendar, and having missed the last couple of years, I wanted to make sure I paid a visit to on...
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Low-Key Nature Photography: Owls

December 08, 2019
It's time for some new low-key portraits! Here are five photos of a Southern White-Faced Owl... He's part of the family at Teaching Talons; a local company working w...
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Autumn Woodland Photography 2019

November 24, 2019
It's National Tree Week! And autumn is undoubtedly my favourite time of year to be in the forest. I know I have more of a thing for trees than most people, but I think we...
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Gift Vouchers Now Available

November 03, 2019
Introducing my new range of Gift Vouchers, available now! Do you know someone who would love a new print on their wall? Now you can treat them to a gift that will make t...
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Red Deer Photography 2019

October 27, 2019
There's no doubt about it; autumn is the best time of year to photograph deer in the UK. The crisp mornings and misty sunrises coincide perfectly with the red deer rut; a...
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Aerial Photography in Greenland

September 01, 2019
I recently published a blog post of photos taken on my trip to Greenland, in June 2019. Greenland is an amazing country, and I was blown away by the spectacular landscape...
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Greenland 2019: The "See It Before It Melts" Tour

August 11, 2019
Greenland has been on my radar for a while. I have a real affinity with the north of the planet, and the landscapes & cultures to be found there. Having previously visite...
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10 Years of Photography

July 21, 2019
It occurred to me recently that having bought my first proper camera in the summer of 2009, it had now been ten years since I first got started. So I thought I'd share a...
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Blackface Sheep Profile

June 23, 2019
I have a new photo to share! This is a profile shot of a Blackface sheep. Blackface sheep, usually Scottish Blackface, are the most common breed of sheep in the UK, du...
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A Brief Elephant Encounter

May 12, 2019
Elephants are one of my favourite animals. I love the sense of scale and weight which is so evident in the way they move. The fact that they're so slow-moving, thoughtful...
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On Black | On White comes to Instagram

April 14, 2019
I recently rolled out a new stream; OnBlack|OnWhite. For several years now, I've been shooting dark ('low-key') portraits of animals for my On Black project, and bright...
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Negative Space in Photography

March 17, 2019
I love to use negative space in my photos. It's a compositional technique from classic art, and I have always embraced it to bring balance and equality to my images....
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Trekking and Photography: The Laugavegur Trail

February 03, 2019
I previously shared a post containing the best of my photos from my Laugavegur trail trek. This follow-up post is aimed at anyone who's considering this trek themselves,...
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