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Forests and woodlands are my favourite environment. It's these scenes which originally captured my imagination, and fuelled my passion for photography.
Now, as find my own style, I like to represent these places in the most magical conditions, and bring that feeling of being surrounded by nature to the walls of contemporary interiors.
I particularly like to create wide-aspect panorama images of woodlands, to cover a wide wall space, which can act as a window into another world.
The low sun is setting behind the trees and bluebells of a Bedfordshire woodlandThe sun sets behind the bluebell wood, highlighting the bluebells carpetBeech tree woodland with green leaves, and a bluebell carpet.wide-aspect photo of a bluebell wood, with blurred tree movementBluebell Wood WideBluebell woodland on a sunny spring morningBluebell Woods WideAutumn's ArrivalBedfordshire woodland, on a misty spring morning.Blue light, on a foggy morning, as the sun shines through the woodland trees.Light rays through the forest on a misty woodland sunriseSilver Birch WallSilver Birch PanoramaA wide-aspect forest scenePanorama of a bluebell wood, as sunset approaches; painting the bluebells purple and goldThe sun lighting up a pathway through a springtime bluebell wood.Gum Tree PortraitBarcode BirchA birch tree wood, shrouded in mist.A Splash of Colour

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