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All the photographs on this site, in chronological order.
A mixture of wildlife & landscape photography available in print or for commercial use.
Highland Cattle PortraitHighland Cattle - Hebridean B&WLeo - Hebridean SheepLow-key portrait of a highland cow with horns and characteristic orange fur.Highland Cattle LickA Slice of IcelandSkogafoss MistLofoten Coastal SceneGreen-Winged Macaw - On BlackGrey Seal PupHappy Seal Pup (B&W)Sunrise Seal PupFluffy White Bunny (Side)Fluffy White BunnyAfrican Bull FrogMushu (Close)Autumn's ArrivalA large red deer stag 'bellowing' during the autumn rut, in black and whiteA large red deer stag calling during the autumn rut, in black and whiteMisty Forest Layers

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