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All the photographs on this site, in chronological order.
A mixture of wildlife & landscape photography available in print or for commercial use.
Red Maple Leaf - On BlackHazel Leaf - On BlackLarge-Leaved Lime Leaf - On BlackHorse Chestnut Leaf - On BlackLondon Plane Leaf - On BlackSilver Birch Leaf - On BlackBeech Leaf - On BlackOak Leaf - On BlackNorway Maple - On BlackSycamore Leaf - On BlackHornbeam Leaf - On BlackField Maple - On BlackHighland Cattle PortraitHighland Cattle - Hebridean B&WLeo - Hebridean SheepLow-key portrait of a highland cow with horns and characteristic orange fur.Highland Cattle LickA Slice of IcelandSkogafoss MistHazel - On White

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