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Anonymous Iceland

Iceland is a country that keeps drawing me back. Both for the landscapes and the culture. And it's also a popular muse for tourists and landscape photographers alike, due to its many popular geological wonders. From waterfalls to volcanoes, Iceland has more than it's fair share of popular photo hotspots. Over the ten years I've been visiting, I've captured my fair share of those postcard images, but there's another side to Iceland that I'd like to share today. The quiet, hidden, anonymous Iceland. Scenes which are either unrecognisable, locations not widely known, or otherwise rarely seen online - but which convey the essence of the Icelandic landscape.

Not all of these photos are unrecognisable to those who are familiar with the area in which they were captured. Locals and frequent visitors may well recognise some landmarks in there. But they're all landscapes taken off the beaten track, away from the honey-pot locations, and they showcase the character of Iceland's landscape generally, rather than championing one stand-alone subject.

I'm going to keep the text to a minimum, because this post is all about the feel of the Icelandic landscape, and I want to present the photos like one long stream of consciousness. Take a moment to wind down, and enjoy the colours, clouds, mountains, and the feeling of Icelandic nature.

A large rock beside an Icelandic fjord, with small daisies growing amongst the stones
Icelandic Fjord
A small waterfall runs through the mossy Icelandic landscape
Mini Waterfall
A small town at the bottom of a mountain, in the Westfjords.
moss-covered mountains in the Icelandic Highlands
Highland Peaks
A lake sitting in the middle of the Icelandic Highlands, surrounded by mountains and moss
Mountain Lake
Misty sunrise in the icelandic highlands, featuring mountains, ash, and lava
Icelandic Highlands
Large expanse of the Icelandic Highlands is covered in sprawling rivers, weaving between the mountains
Highland Rivers
A small mountain, capped with snow and moss, with a mossy landscape in the foreground.
Mossy Peak
A mossy green valley in the Icelandic Highlands, with small rivers running through it
Green Valley
A fast-flowing stream running out of the Highlands of Iceland, and away from the mountain on the horizon.
Meltwater Stream
Ash and lava desert, featuring mounds and mountains covered in snow and moss
Highland Desert
a large volcano sits behind a pile of ash in the desert of the Icelandic Highlands.
Volcano Desert
the slope of an icelandic hill, formed of ash and lava rock, covered in moss
A Slice of Iceland
a pile of lava, set into rock in the icelandic highlands
Lava Sculpture
Sunrise light on the mossy landscape of the Icelandic Highlands
Rainbow Valley
Early morning rays of light reach the peaks of a mountain in the Icelandic Highlands
Highland Sunrise
Incredible yellow moss on the mountains surrounding an Icelandic fjord
Fjord Moss
yellow moss and rocks in the Westfjords of Iceland
Fjordside Colour
Dark storm clouds move in over an Icelandic mountainside
Gloomy Skies Over Mossy Mountains
storm clouds hang over a mountain range in West Iceland
Storm Clouds in Low Light
Black sand of a beach in Southern Iceland
Hit The Coast
Big moss-covered mountains in the Icelandic Highlands
Distant Peaks

a small sight-seeing plane flies through Thorsmork in Iceland, beside the mountains and glaciers
Tumbling Glaciers and Jagged Peaks
Snow-capped mountains on the edge of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland
Snow-Capped Moss Mountains
Sheep, cotton grass mountains, and dark skies, in the Highlands of Iceland
Icelandic Postcard



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