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Landscape Photography in Finnish Lapland - Part 3: Colour

This is part 3 of a 4-part series from my trip to Lapland in February 2017. I had too many photos to share in one post, so I ended up having to split them into themed posts.


Until now, these blog posts have contained two colours: blue and white. Well here's a collection of photos I was able to take on the two occasions the sun came out to play :-)

Sunrise in Pyhä

We had one good sunrise during our trip, and I made sure I was out on the side of the fell to capture it.

A lone tree, on the side of Pyhatunturi Hill, as the sun rises behind.
Lapland Sunrise

Believe me when I say, finding a lone tree in Finland isn't easy. They generally come by the million. I had spotted this tree a few days before I took this photo, and I had kept it in mind for sunrise potential. On the day, I had to run a couple of kilometres to make it from the car to this spot in time to make it before the sun came up, with a heavy rucksack and tripod on my back. Still, nice to feel the cold air in my lungs. It's a hell of a way to wake you up in the morning.

I captured this shot shortly before the sun broke the horizon, as the dawn glow was painting the clouds pink.

The view as I turned my back on the rising sun. Pyhätunturi, Finland.
Dawn from Pyhätunturi

Shortly after sunrise, the light began to hit the trees of the forest below through a cold misty sky.

A beautiful misty morning in Pyha, Finnish Lapland.
Frigid Finnish Sunrise

I had to walk a fair distance pretty quickly to keep the best light in view, along with the forest, but it was well worth it.

The incredible scale of the forests surrounding Pyhatunturi, in Lapland, Finland.
Pyhä Rolling Hills and Forest

Eventually, the sun did disappear behind the cloud, and the light was gone from the forest.

The forest around Pyha, as the sun rises behind the cloud. Pyhatunturi, Finnish Lapland.
Pyhä Forest

Sunset in Saariselkä

Though we stayed in Pyhä, we drove North to spend a day in Saariselkä too, and we were treated to quite a sunset there. Photography wasn't as convenient on this occasion, but I took some time out from our holiday to capture some shots.

I shared a photo of the valley below in my previous post, but it was transformed at sunset...

Sunset over the valley beside Saariselka, Northern Finland.
Saariselkä Valley Sunset

I hadn't really researched Saariselkä viewpoints much, so I had to find compositions where I was, halfway up Kaunispää Fell.

Sunset from the side, beside the toboggan run.
Saariselkä Sunset

My favourite shot from this day was the photo below, looking West towards Iisakkipää...

A side-lit fell in Saariselkä , carpeted in trees except for the highest peaks in the distance.
Saariselkä Fell-Side Sunset


In the last post from this series I'll share the photos from the snow-covered Tunturiaapa Mire; My favourite location of our trip to Lapland.

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Red Deer Roaring, photographed in black and white


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