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Pines in Snow

When we had snow last month, I posted some photos of the black swan on the icy lake, which I photographed during the afternoon. Earlier that morning, I visited my favourite local woodland; Aspley Woods, in Bedfordshire.

A pathway through the tall pines, on a misty snowy winter's day.
Pine Walkway

If you know me, you'll know how much I like trees. And how much I like snow!

Aspley Woods is mainly populated with tall pine trees. They're so tall and straight, they create an almost abstract canvas of lines and texture.

Tall pines, dusted with snow, on a cold winter day.
Snow-Dusted Pines

I was trying to use a wider-angle lens than normal, so I was able to capture a little foreground context here too...

The pine trees in Aspley Woods are huge. Here they stand, outlasting the seasons, despite the odd fallen branch.
Giant Pines

Within the forest of old giants, lurks a few new firs, spreading their branches, and adding colour to the environment.

A young fir tree growing amongst the surrounding giants.
Forest Firs in Snow

Right on the edge of the forest, is this grand old oak, which I've previously photographed in autumn colour.

A large old oak tree, with a dusting of snow. Aspley Woods, Bedfordshire, UK.
Snow Oak

And to the west, the silver birch trees creep in, and find their place amongst the pines and the firs.

A few silver birch trees growing up between the giant pines.
Birches Among Firs
Square-crop of the silver birches, holding fast in the snow. Aspley Woods, Bedfordshire, UK.
Birch Square

This last shot is my favourite from my morning in the snow. I like the different colours in the tree trunks, and how a few of them seem to be leaning into the scene. And the mist gives it a bit of an other-worldly feel - like you could imagine any kind of creature wandering out from the background, and through the trees.

A dusting of snow, in the silver birch woodland. Aspley Woods, Bedfordshire, UK.
Birch Forest in Snow

As I write this, it's currently 26°C outside, so I think it's safe to say our winter is over for another year. Looking back, we had a fairly decent one. I got out in the snow a couple of times, both for deer and swans, as well as woodland. Looking forward, as spring progresses, I'll be looking for bluebells and highland cattle, among other things. I also have three or four more sets of photos from Australia to share.

This is the first blog post I've written since I started my mailing list. I considered writing a post about why I'm launching that, but it's essentially a very short answer - I think it's the best way to follow my photography, and the best way to enjoy my images as I share them on a semi-regular basis. If you want to receive my photos and blogs when I post them, sign up below...



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