Black and white is the medium for some of the most classic photography images around. In some ways its the most pure form of photography; relying only on tone and form. By removing the distraction of colour, the eye is focussed purely on the shapes in front of us and the composition selected by the photographer.
I try to use black and white nature photography to show wildlife subjects in a new, less mainstream way. In the right light, landscapes come to life when distilled to their most pure elements of light and shade.
Red Deer RoarRaven & Dead TreesSunset in a bluebell wood, shown in black and whiteSpoonbill on a black backgroundRed Squirrel looks up from drinkingA brown hare, filling the frame, in black and whitePortrait of a Barbary Macaque in Black and white.A british red squirrel, feeding in woodlandA giraffe photographed close-up in high-key style.Puffin on WhiteThe sunlight cloud casting a shadow over the impressive North face of the EigerA harvest mouse clings onto a delicate dandelion flowerLowlight Highland Cattle - B&WClose-up photo of a cow, from Cambridgeshire farmlandA pelican in black and white, shot low-key on a black backgroundFrame filling zebra portraitAbstract view of a zebra, from above.Bengal Tiger yawning, in black and white.Studio-lit portrait of a highland cattle bull.

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