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Deer are an iconic symbol of the wild, and one of my favourite subjects to photograph. I’m fortunate to live in an area of Britain with a lot of wild deer around, and I’m also close to Woburn Deer Park, where the deer have many acres to roam freely in natural surroundings. It’s an oasis of calm in an increasingly urban county, and I’ll often spend a few hours there looking for a moment to capture.

I tend to concentrate on red deer, as they’re the largest and most spectacular of the deer species I see. As our largest remaining mammal species, red deer are popular amongst British wildlife photographers, so I try to use light and composition to create an original perspective on these iconic and photogenic creatures. In addition to red deer I also photograph sika deer, fallow deer, and muntjac deer - which can be found all over Bedfordshire.

All photos are available to order for wall art as a Fine Art Print or Canvas Print.

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