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I’m fortunate to live in an area of Britain with a lot of wild deer around. I’m also close to Woburn Deer Park, where the deer have many acres to roam freely in natural surroundings. This offers a wonderful opportunity to a dedicated and patient photographer, and it’s one of my favourite locations. It’s an oasis of calm in an increasingly urban county, and I’ll often spend a few hours there and come back with no photos to show for it, but the peace and time amongst wildlife is worth it every time.
I tend to concentrate on red deer, as they’re the largest and most spectacular of the deer species I see. In addition to red deer I also photograph sika deer, fallow deer, and muntjac deer - which can be found all over Bedfordshire.
As our largest remaining mammal species, red deer photography is popular amongst British wildlife photographers, so I try to use light and composition to create an original perspective on these iconic, photogenic creatures.
three red deer stags standing together looking at the cameraClose-up of a red deer stag in winter snowfall.A red deer stag, standing in the snow. Woburn Deer Park, Bedfordshire.Red deer stag in snowRed Deer Roarhigh-key fine art nature photo of a red deer stagRed Deer - Head On - Centred - On White - Widehigh key portrait of a red deer heada red deer stag faces the viewer for a high key portraitA large red deer stag calling during the autumn rut, in black and whiteA large red deer stag 'bellowing' during the autumn rut, in black and whiteHead-short portrait of a large red deer stag, in black and whiteRed DawnA red deer stands proudly in the dying embers of the sunset lightSilhouette of a sika deer, lit by the amber light of an autumn sunrise.Red Deer Sunrise SilhouetteMisty Deer PortraitA female red deer standing beneath the rising sun, on a misty autumn morningRed Deer Sunrise Landscapea red deer stag in the misty woodland sunrise

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