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Nature photography is a perennial favourite, and it can be an enormously competitive environment. The experience of spending time with wild creatures, and satisfaction of getting a shot which portrays a character is hugely rewarding. I strive for something original in my art, and I try to stand apart from the mainstream.
My nature photography takes patience and planning to execute, and time in post-processing achieving the look I want. I embrace the digital medium & editing for this, as well as in-camera techniques. Rather than documenting nature, my fine art nature portraits are intended first-and-foremost for wall art prints, which is the main focus of my photography.
Red Deer Roarhigh-key fine art nature photo of a red deer stagRed Deer - Head On - Centred - On White - Widehigh key portrait of a red deer heada red deer stag faces the viewer for a high key portraitRed deer stag in snowClose-up of a red deer stag in winter snowfall.A red deer stag, standing in the snow. Woburn Deer Park, Bedfordshire.A red deer, standing in ferns at sunriseblue hour sillhouette of a sika deer stagCalling Deer on Horizonthree red deer stags standing together looking at the cameraRed Deer At Night - Photographer's DelightA red deer stands proudly in the dying embers of the sunset lightRed Deer Sunrise SilhouetteRed Deer Sunrise Landscapea red deer stag in the misty woodland sunriselow-key photo of a red deer on a black backgroundA dark and moody photo of a moose in the black.Swaledale sheep photographed in low-key style, on black.

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