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This has been my longest-running side-project, which I’ve now been working on for a few years. It’s a collection of dark images of various animals, in a style inspired by traditional low-key portraiture. I use a combination of lighting, composition, and in-camera techniques, with digital processing in Lightroom, using a workflow I’ve developed myself.
When I started experimenting with this technique, I hadn’t seen it done elsewhere. These days I see more photographers doing it, but I try to keep my standards high, and only produce good quality images in this style.
A dark and moody photo of a moose in the black.A cow stands staring at the viewer, in a dark studio-lit portrait.Lowlight Highland Cattle - B&WA highland cattle cow in low light, on black.Studio-lit portrait of a highland cattle bull.Swaledale sheep photographed in low-key style, on black.A red deer stands proudly in the dying embers of the sunset lightlow-key photo of a red deer on a black backgroundRed squirrel, back-lit in low light.Side-on portrait on a bald eagle in studio-lit conditions.Puffin On BlackAtlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) on a cliff top in low light.White-Tailed Sea Eagle - On BlackWhite-Tailed Sea EagleLow key portrait of a male lionLow-key side angle profile portrait of a Bengal tiger, on a black background.A bengal tiger walking out of the darkBengal Tiger yawning, in black and white.Jaguar Yawn on a black backgroundLeopard walking towards the camera out of the black

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