George Wheelhouse. Fine art photographer, Bedfordshire, UK.George WheelhouseGeorge Wheelhouse I create contemporary fine art prints, for home wall art and commercial interiors. Exposure to nature is beneficial for our wellbeing and stress-reduction, as well as providing an aesthetic feature for the room. My aim is to bring nature into people's everyday lives, by decorating our interior spaces with distinctive and relatable imagery of animals and landscapes.

I’m drawn to nature & wild places, and photography is my creative outlet for sharing that passion. I love to spend time outdoors, and to share the brilliance, beauty, and fragility of the natural world through my photography.

I'm currently based in Bedfordshire, UK, and though many of my subjects are local, I love to travel and I photograph wildlife and landscapes in some of the most spectacular environments around the world. I’m particularly drawn to the Arctic & Nordic nations, and areas of the Boreal Forest such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Canada.

To date, I’ve seen my photos published in The Times & The Times Online, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine, Photo Technique Magazine, Amateur Photographer Magazine, Wildlife Photographic Magazine, The Mail Online, and used by ITV.com, BBC TV, and the BBC Natural History Unit.


Wildlife and landscape photos used in the media.In the mediaWildlife and landscape photos used in the media.





Most of the time I begin as a conventional artist would, with a strong idea of the image in my mind’s eye. Pre-visualisation is important to me, and I rarely set out on a shoot without at least one clearly defined shot in mind, and a plan for how to achieve it. My best photos are often those which have been meticulously planned and executed accordingly.

My approach is strongly influenced by a background in art & design. A few years ago now, I used to draw animal portraits in pencil, charcoal, and pastels, using photos for reference. That was a great way to learn the disciplines of art, composition, form, and lighting, but I found that it didn’t quite fulfil my appetite for creativity. So I set out to start taking the photos myself, and I’m now working in the modern medium of digital photography, combining in-camera techniques and post-processing.

Photography is a great medium to work in, and I enjoy it very much, but my passion is certainly for the creative process over the attraction of the technology, gadgets, and gear. I have that in-built creative urge, and photography gives me an outlet for it. I enjoy the digital processing as much as the shooting. It takes me back to my drawing days, and gives me the opportunity to experiment with different styles, treatments, and effects to achieve the look I have in mind, and all in my own time.

I use natural light for my nature photography, mostly at sunrise or sunset for best effect. The soft, warm light is often the most effective to capture either a dramatic landscape photograph or an intimate portrait. Outdoor photography is a demanding pursuit but nature is always inspiring, and time out with my camera and the light is always time well spent, regardless of whether I get the shot.

I take inspiration from various different media; from fellow photographers and artists, to film, TV, interior design, and the natural world. In recent years Scandinavia has become particularly influential on me, in terms of culture, approach to art & design, and a healthy connection to the outdoors.

George Wheelhouse in Skuleskogen National Park, SwedenGeorge Wheelhouse in Skuleskogen National Park, SwedenGeorge Wheelhouse in Skuleskogen National Park, Sweden Thanks to James Silvester for this photo of me in Skuleskogen National Park, Sweden.





I'm best known for my two long-running portrait projects:

A cow stands staring at the viewer, in a dark studio-lit portrait.Low Key CattleLow-key studio-style portrait of a horned cow.

These cows make for fascinating portrait subjects, because of the way they will stand and stare. They're inquisitive animals, and that long stare is inviting and engaging.

Taken in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK.


Dark, low-key portraits of animals, against a black background.

Red Deer RoarRed Deer RoarA roaring red deer, in high-key black and white.
Taken during the
2015 red deer rut.
Fine Art nature photography, Woburn, Bedfordshire.


Bright, high-key portraits of animals, against a white background.


Outside of those, my photography typically falls into one of the following genres:

Brown BearBrown BearThis is as close as I've ever been to a bear, and I wouldn't want to be any closer. But it was important to get as close as possible in order to catch the feeling of intimacy between subject and viewer.

Nature Photography. Taken in captivity.

Creative portraits of animals and nature, for wall art.

Skógafoss waterfall slow exposure, with blurred clouds and water.Skógafoss BlurThis is the mighty Skógafoss waterfall, in Southern Iceland.
It's really a sight to behold, and I'm thrilled to capture it in such green surroundings. We were fortunate to have had a week or so of rain shortly before our visit, and that left the grass & moss in great condition for us to find.

Landscape photography, Skógafoss , Iceland.


Showing off the natural beauty of Britain and around the world.






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Giclée Fine Art Print - BluebellsGiclée Fine Art Print - Bluebellswww.GeorgeWheelhouse.com

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I donate a portion of each print sale to fund the planting and care of a new tree, in forestry projects around the world. Your tree could become home to birds, beetles, a sloth, or an orangutan. One print = one tree :-)
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Framed Print: Hvanngil Valley PanoramaFramed Print: Hvanngil Valley PanoramaA framed print of my Hvanngil Valley Panorama photo, from the Laugavegur Trail in iceland. This print is 48 inches wide, and the frame is around 55 inches in total.

Framed print: Hvanngil Panorama. Taken on the Laugavegur Trail, Iceland.