Take Only Photographs, Leave Only FootprintsTake Only Photographs, Leave Only FootprintsThe Nature Photographer's Mantra.


Launched in 2019, Footprints is a long-term commitment to improve the footprint my photography leaves behind.


When I share a photo online I hope it connects with someone - brightening their day, or fostering interest in the natural world.

And when someone buys a print I want to offer something extra - by directing a portion of my sales to fund environmental projects around the world. That's what Footprints is all about.



Buy One, Get One Tree  Leaf IconBuy One Get One TreeTree Planting Logo

For every print sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to the World Land Trust, to fund the planting and care of a new tree. As part of their Plant a Tree programme, they will nurture a sapling from seed, plant it where it's most needed, and protect the tree in perpetuity, to help restore a damaged habitat for wildlife. Seeds are carefully gathered from local forests, to ensure that the eco-system is maintained with native species.
One print = one tree :-)



Why Trees?

Of course there are a range of environmental causes I could have chosen, but for me it had to be the planting of trees and restoration of woodland habitats.

  1. I love trees. I love being around trees, I love the way they look, and I love what they do.
  2. I love how long-term trees are. They're an investment in our future, and they'll be standing tall for decades or centuries after I'm gone.
  3. Trees clean the air; removing harmful chemicals, absorbing carbon-dioxide, and producing oxygen.
  4. Trees are proven to have a positive influence on mental health; reducing stress and alleviating depression.
  5. By protecting and planting trees, we're also creating habitats for a myriad of other species, repairing ecosystems, mitigating against flooding and drought, and promoting biodiversity.


Framed: Silver Birch WallFramed: Silver Birch WallFramed print of my photo "Silver Birch Wall"



The World Land Trust

After much research, I've chosen to support The World Land Trust. What I like about WLT is that they aren't just planting trees. They're buying up land in carefully chosen locations, which can be dedicated for nature, and then planting saplings, grown from seed by local people, and protecting them in situ until maturity. It's long-term thinking, and it's the most positive direct action I can think of. But don't take my word for it. Sir David Attenborough is a vocal supporter and patron, as is Chris Packham; two of my personal heroes.

An introduction to the World Land Trust:


WLT are currently funding the REGUA tree planting and forest restoration in Brazil, as Michael Palin explains...


Thank you for choosing to buy from an independent artist, and for helping to support this cause with me.