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Low-Key Deer Photography

November 22, 2021
In the past I've often shared blog posts of new photos from the autumnal deer rut season. This autumn was a particularly good one for me, and I took so many photos there'...
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Abstract Nature Photography

October 18, 2021
Abstract nature photography is an enduring genre, which continues to fascinate me. I don't shoot that much of it, as I tend to be quite literal in my subjects. But over t...
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Australian Nature Photography : New South Wales & The Blue Mountains

September 05, 2021
We had been hoping to go back to Australia this year, but that obviously hasn't been possible. However, it did get me thinking about our last trip there, to New South Wal...
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Summertime Deer

August 01, 2021
I've often shared photos of deer taken in the autumn, or in the winter snow, but I have rarely been out to photograph them in the summer months. This year, as I continue...
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Ethical Banking: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

July 04, 2021
This month's post is a brief departure from the usual photo-sharing format, to look at the bigger picture, and something we can all do to make a genuine difference. I oft...
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Bluebell Woods

June 06, 2021
I discovered this nearby woodland during lockdown last spring, but I didn't get any photos of the bluebells at the time. So I decided to give it a go this year; making se...
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Iceland 2020: Fjallabak Nature Reserve

May 09, 2021
These are landscape photos from part 2 of a difficult trip to Iceland in August 2020. After a few days on the south coast (part 1 here), hampered by rain, we tried everyt...
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Iceland 2020: The South Coast

April 11, 2021
I've been enjoying the footage of the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland, and it prompted me to sort out and share the photos from my trip there last summer. It was a t...
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Cow Photos

March 15, 2021
I think anyone who follows this blog would be aware that I like to photograph cows, and since I have a new photo here, I thought it might be nice to share a themed set fr...
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Autumn Nature

February 15, 2021
I feel like we're probably in the point of the year when nature appears at its least colourful, so it might be a nice time to indulge in the visuals from another season....
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A Discussion of Photography Competitions

January 25, 2021
An email drops into my inbox, from a company that used to run a photography competition, to tell me about the exciting new competition they're now launching! To be honest...
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Wintry Arctic Norway

December 07, 2020
A set of photos from early 2020, from Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands, in Northern Norway. If I'm honest, I'm slightly sheepish about sharing photos from Lofoten, as I th...
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Autumn Leaf Photos

November 15, 2020
So here we are in autumn. It's Lockdown 2.0, and I'm back to photographing leaves. Only this time I started before lockdown. Back in the spring (AKA Lockdown 1.0) I start...
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Highland Cattle of The Outer Hebrides

October 19, 2020
Last month we took a 10-day road-trip to the Outer Hebrides, in North-West Scotland. It was somewhere I'd wanted to visit for years, and now felt like the perfect time to...
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Autumn Nature Photography

September 06, 2020
I woke up the other day, and it felt chilly for the first time since winter. Instinctively I felt quite excited. When I processed why that would be, I realised it was bec...
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