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Uptripping: Wall Art Prints In Winter Park, Colorado

Just a reminder for those in the USA, that you can view and order wall art prints of my photos from the Uptripping gallery in Winter Park, Colorado.

Logo for Uptripping in Winter Park, Colorado

Uptripping is an independent art and homewares store, run by local artist Shannon Foley Henn, featuring a thriving contemporary gallery. They sell unique furnishings and home interior wall art from original designers, creators, and artists. Their products reflect the mountain-lifestyle and culture of the local area.

It Started With A Moose

Shannon first contacted me in 2018 when she was looking for a moose photo on behalf of the new local Fraser Valley Distilling bar & restaurant. Moose are common in the area and very characteristic of the Colorado Rockies, so it was a great choice of subject. And this photo proved very popular from the moment it went up. Since then Uptripping have been selling a selection of my prints, including the Low Key Moose.

I'm particularly pleased to see this photo's popularity, as I do love moose and their quirky looks, and this is one of my favourite photos.

As Shannon puts it:

"Uptripping is an artist-owned gallery in downtown Winter Park, Colorado. Our walls are full of colorful and eclectic pieces.  You won’t find your average mountain art here. That’s why George’s Low Key Moose, with his dark contrast and haunting focus, stops everyone in their tracks.  We offer something for every space."

Custom Prints, Unique Framing

Low Key Moose photo framed and on the wall of a home in Colorado

At Uptripping they take a personal approach, and as well as offering prints 'off-the-shelf', they can also work with you to create a custom print.

Rolled canvas prints are great for those visiting the area, who need to consider luggage space, or have the print shipped home.

Bald eagle photo framed and on the wall of a Colorado home

Framed prints and metal prints create large statement pieces, ready-to-hang.

Local framer Suzie, of FrameWerx does a fantastic job making one-of-a-kind custom frames for these prints, which again authentically reflect the character of the area.

Each of these one-off prints is the result of a collaboration between several local craftspeople, from the printers to the framers and gallery, each bringing their skill and personal touch to the end-product.

"Uptripping is a community staple for art and entertainment, hosting summer First Fridays showcasing local artists, and events throughout the year. The gallery is full of fresh concepts, so you can stop in any time for new inspiration."

Winter Park, Co

Winter Park itself is a popular ski town in the Rocky Mountains, just West of Denver, Colorado, and just South of the Rocky Mountain National Park. With all kinds of regular cultural & social events, there always seems to be something going on.

Excitingly, you can also find my photo on the wall of the Winter Park Visitor's Centre. Here's a photo from installation day...

Men up ladders, installing a new framed photo of a squirrel at the Winter Park Visitor's Centre
Installation day for my red squirrel photo in the Winter Park Visitor's Centre

I had a trip to visit Winter Park booked myself, in 2020... but we all know what happened there. So I'm keen to go when I'm next able to. I want to catch up with friends, find the moose & elk in Rocky Mountain NP, and the gin & waffles from Fraser Valley Distillery!

Other Artists

In addition to my photos, Uptripping feature the work of a handful of selected artists, each with a distinctive style, and very fitting for the Winter Park area. I just wanted to highlight three of those here...

Linda Israel

Linda's animal paintings are instantly recognisable, and unmistakably hers. They regularly brighten up my Instagram timeline. Predictably, I particularly enjoy the moose and the bears.

Topher Straus

Topher creates impressionist 'digital paintings' of landscapes in his own recognisable style, and produces large aluminium prints for wall art. This image, immortalising the town and surrounding mountains, is called 'Winter Park'.

Shannon Foley Henn

Shannon is the founder of Uptripping, and is an artist and painter in her own right. Her iconic 'Après Ski' series is a collection of famous faces from past and present, hand painted, with an unmistakable ski-town twist.


You can find Uptripping in Cooper Creek Square, Winter Park, Co. If you're in the area, pop in and take a look around. If you'd like a print made for you, or have any questions ahead of time, use the contact form on their website or give them a call.

You can also follow Uptripping on Instagram, where you'll see some of my prints now and again, like in these two...




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