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Started in 2011. Counter to my On Black project, this is a collection where the subject is lit brightly against a white background, in a style inspired by traditional high-key portraiture to create particularly stark images. The result is a modern aesthetic, particularly suited to contemporary wall art.
high-key fine art nature photo of a red deer stagRed Deer - Head On - Centred - On White - Widehigh key portrait of a red deer heada red deer stag faces the viewer for a high key portraitRed Deer ApproachesRed Deer RoarHalf a Highland CattleHighland Cattle Bull - On WhiteHighland Cattle - Hebridean B&WHighland Cattle PortraitSwaledale sheep portrait, in high-key.Close-up photo of a cow, from Cambridgeshire farmlandReindeer on WhiteGrey Seal PupHappy Seal Pup (B&W)A giraffe photographed close-up in high-key style.Puffin on WhiteAfrican Spotted OwlHigh-Key Vulture photoBlack Swan Curve

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