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This is a series of close-up high-key portraits of leaves, collected on walks in my local area. Starting in 2019, but not fully realised until the 'lockdown spring' of 2020, this project is about reconnecting with the nature around us, and bringing the outside in. Each photo is a study of the details to be found in every living thing, and the recognition that we're surrounded by so much we don't notice.
These photos are generally best suited to smaller prints, in multiple sets, rather than one large piece on it's own.
LeavesOak Leaf - On WhiteLondon Plane Leaf - On WhiteSilver Birch Leaf - On WhiteLarge-Leaved Lime Leaf - On WhiteSycamore Leaf - On WhiteField Maple - On WhiteSwedish Whitebeam Leaf - On WhiteAsh Leaf - On WhiteHornbeam Leaf - On WhiteHazel - On WhiteField Maple - On BlackHornbeam Leaf - On BlackSycamore Leaf - On BlackNorway Maple - On BlackOak Leaf - On BlackBeech Leaf - On BlackSilver Birch Leaf - On BlackLondon Plane Leaf - On BlackHorse Chestnut Leaf - On Black

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