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Collaboration with Global Animal Welfare + Win A Print!

I'm pleased to announce a new ongoing collaboration with wildlife charity Global Animal Welfare.

Global Animal Welfare logo

As I've mentioned previously, I'm keen to put my photography to direct use to help the causes I believe in. So it was wonderful to be contacted by Nic, from Global Animal Welfare to talk about what I could do to help. We have a few ideas in the pipeline, but first, here's a quick intro to the charity and what they do, from Nic herself...

"Global Animal Welfare is a global organisation that is committed to improving the welfare for wildlife held by sanctuaries and wildlife centres. Regardless of species or origin, our experience and expertise combined with our strong network and global partnerships, ensures we can provide sustainable support for animals where it is needed the most. Our vision is a world where compassionate care and conservation are applied to all animals in wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres globally." Nicola Field - Co-Founder, Global Animal Welfare

Personally, I’m excited to be able to use my photography for a positive cause. Global Animal Welfare provide invaluable knowledge and know-how to organisations that care for and rehabilitate vulnerable animals, empowering sanctuaries to offer their animals a happy life, and the best chance of a release back to the wild. They’re a small team of dedicated experts and animal-lovers, and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to the positive impact they are making.


I like to think that my photo prints, as wall art, are brightening someone's day; reminding them of a place they visited, or an animal they identify with. And I don't underestimate the importance of the regular subtle benefit they provide - bringing nature into people's homes and filling a space with an image they love. It's incredible to be able to do that.

I've also got my Buy-One, Get-One-Tree scheme, where I plant a tree for every print sold, and over the last year or so I've been applying increasing scrutiny to the sustainability of my print supply-chain, the papers I use, and the delivery of those prints. These environmental considerations are of great importance to me, and all part of what I call my Footprints commitment. So I'm pleased to be able to add Global Animal Welfare to that ripple of positive impacts my photography leaves behind.

Win A Print

Global Animal Welfare are currently running their annual Global Workout for Wildlife fundraiser, and this year the winner will receive a print of my photo "Brown Bear Close-Up". A bear seems most appropriate, as the core of the team from Global Animal Welfare have a background in working bear rescue centres.

The print is 20x15 inches, on A2-sized, fine art Hahnemühle photorag® paper. It's my favourite paper to print on. You get a superb textured finish from it, with almost a painting-quality to it. It's a heavyweight paper, from sustainable FSC sources, it's vegan-friendly, and is manufactured using 100% renewable energy sources.

To win this print, head over to the Just Giving page for more info. And be quick - the event closes in September!

20x15 inch print of a brown bear, on sustainable Hahnemühle photorag® paper.
Brown Bear Close-Up

To learn more about Global Animal Welfare, and the valuable work they do, have a look at their website.




Red Deer Roaring, photographed in black and white


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