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Interview for Amateur Photographer Magazine

This week’s issue of Amateur Photographer magazine features an in-depth interview with me, on my approach to wildlife portraiture.

Amateur Photographer Cover - January 2014

I’m really chuffed about this as they’re a major UK magazine, and they’ve taken a genuine interest in the thoughts behind the photos. I was approached about it a few weeks ago, and it’s great to see it out now. Jade certainly seemed to get the message I want to convey, and her questions were insightful and complimentary.

You can buy Amateur Photographer Magazine from newsagents nationwide, or digitally from their website or your App Store. It’s a weekly magazine, and this issue is the for 1st February 2014. It’s out today (Tuesday 28th Jan) and it’ll be around until Monday 3rd February in shops, or longer online.


Red Deer Roaring, photographed in black and white


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