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New Prints For The Walls

We’ve recently been decorating at home, and having finished the walls, it was nice to be able to put up some new prints up. So I thought I’d share how they look, as they’re always more enjoyable mounted and framed than on the computer screen.

Framed print of a red squirrel
Framed print of a red squirrel
Framed print of a red squirrel
Framed print of a red squirrel

These two are metallic prints, which have a reflective sheen to them, and adds an extra dimension to black & white prints…

Framed print of the North face of the Eiger
Framed print of the Eiger

We also put up our large canvas print of Skogafoss waterfall, in Iceland…

Canvas print of Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
Canvas print of Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

And last of all, I had my Lake Louise Moonrise photo put into a new frame…

I’m really happy with how the prints came out, and they look nice on the wall. Having so many photos to choose from can be problematic, particularly as I tend to hope I’ll continue to take better photos in the future. But at least with framed prints, they’re quite easy to change from time-to-time, retaining the frame for a new print. So I’m able to make a decision largely on the basis that it doesn’t have to be permanent.

I’m quite traditional when it comes to framing. We have all-white walls, and I like black frames with white mounts for a classic clean finish. Of late, I’ve bought frames from John Lewis, Habitat, and local Bedford company EzeFrame. I’d recommend all of those, particularly EzeFrame who take specific measurements and built a bespoke frame and mount to my specifications.




Red Deer Roaring, photographed in black and white


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