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Puffin Portraits

As summer rolls around, I miss my trips to our UK seabird colonies, and in particular the puffins, which are great fun to watch, hear, and capture in photographs. At some point, I'll get back to them, but in the meantime, I've got a few photos from the archive that I never got around to sharing before - starting with my new favourite...

A puffin portrait photograhed against a black background
Puffin Head Shot

I like this one because the framing and two-thirds angle is so much like a corporate head-shot. It's formal, but with a splash of character. He looks like the new head of Sales, who's out-of-his-depth on day one. I like it a lot.

This second photo is from the same trip, to Skomer in 2017.

atlantic puffin against a peach coloured sunset sky
Puffin on Peach Sky

Icelandic Puffins

A couple of years ago, we visited the Westfjords in Iceland, and Látrabjarg; one of Europe's largest largest sea cliffs, and sea bird colonies. In true Icelandic style, the weather was rubbish, and I couldn't get any portraits like those above, but it was fun to capture some wider shots of the rugged environment they call home every summer.

an atlantic puffin on Látrabjarg cliff, in the westfjords of iceland
Puffin on Cliff

an atlantic puffin on Látrabjarg cliff, in the westfjords of iceland, with the ocean behind
Puffin on Cliff-Top

an atlantic puffin on Látrabjarg cliff, in the westfjords of iceland, looking out to sea
Atlantic Puffin

From My Website

If you're up for more Puffin portraits, check out my Fine Art Nature gallery, where you'll find the following favourite puffin photos, amongst others.

high-key portriat of an atlantic puffin, framed on the wall of a modern home interior
Puffin on White

low-key portrait of an atlantic puffin against a black background
Puffin On Black

framed photo of an atlantic puffin, on the wall of a home
Puffin Sunset Portriat

framed photo of a puffin on a dark wall, above a sofa in a living room
Low Light Puffin

I'd really like to get out to a puffin colony again next year. There are several around the UK. But we'll have to see what's possible, as I juggle other priorities. Until then these photos still provide great memories, and represent some of my best UK wildlife photography.



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