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Raccoons of Stanley Park, Vancouver

This post is part of a series about our #Canada2012 trip to British Columbia & Alberta, Canada.

Stanley Park is home to a variety of wildlife, and it’s raccoon population is seen regularly by locals and tourists alike. Imagine my frustration then, when on three separate occasions in the same day, we trekked around the areas known for raccoons, and saw nothing but squirrels and ducks. I’d heard so much about these less-than-shy Vancouver residents, but we just couldn’t track them down on our first few attempts.

But fortunately, we were able to make time for another go a few days later. And sure enough, there they were hanging about in the exact spot we had checked on the previous occasion.

Stanley Park raccoons
Stanley Park Raccoons

For these shots, I noticed this individual wandering off from the group in search of food. Anticipating he would make his way back to the others, I quickly got down to the ground and waited. I could see this patch of sun-lit grass between me and him, so I waited for him to get to it, and took a couple of well-timed shots.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Vancouver, do look for the raccoons, around the West side of Lost Lagoon. Go for late afternoon for your best chance. Or even a second occasion, to double your chances :-)

Note though, that they’re wild animals, and not of the best temperament. They don’t act as cute as they look. They spent some time scrapping with each other. One individual was missing a tail. And they will bite humans too.

Just be cautious, relaxed, and keep a safe distance, and you’ll have as nice a time with them as I did.

After the shot above, he did actually get into the water and swim across the stream. You can see the sequence with all my raccoon photos on Flickr.



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