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Two Red Deer Photos Added To The Website

It's a shorter blog post this time, just to announce that I've recently added a couple of photos, new to my Deer gallery. One on black and one on white.

Red Deer In The Dark

A red deer in low light from the setting sun, in low-key style against a black background
Red Deer In The Dark

I took this photo one evening. I'm always looking for deer in this kind of low light, illuminated against a background in shadow. On this occasion I was particularly lucky with the angle of the light, which cuts across his body in a lovely, dramatic way, and brings out a lot of detail in fur and antlers. Now available in print >>

Red Deer Prince

a large male red deer, with impressive antlers, photographed in high-key style against a white background
Red Deer Prince

This is a younger red deer, with a more slight figure, but an impressive rack of antlers all the same. In a few years he could be ruling the roost, but for now he struts his stuff on the fringes, without directly challenging the older 'kings' of the herd. As a character, he was bold, and walked right past me on his way. As always, I was able to capture this apparently close-up portrait from a safe distance, with a long lens. As he turned his head slightly to get a good look, he adopted the perfect posture for a portrait, while offering a great angle on those antlers. What I most like about this photo is the eye contact and the openness of the pose - like he's knowingly posing. That's my favourite way to photograph animals, and it's true of both of these two. I retained a subtle tone in the background on this one, to reduce the contrast slightly, and keep the image from looking too stark. Now available in print >>

Red Deer Prints

I took both of these photos in 2021, during a very productive autumn for me, and with so many deer photos to deal with at the time, these two simply slipped through the net. But on subsequent revisits through my back-catalogue, they consistently stood out as favourites of, and also as strong representations of my work, which should be on my website. They also fit well in my On Black and On White galleries, to complement my existing collection of Deer Photography.

Now they're on my website, these photos are available to order in print, for wall art. Like all the photos on my web galleries, they're available as Fine Art Prints, Canvas Wraps, or Rolled Canvas.

Here are some renderings of them as prints...

a modern living space with red deer print wall art, a chaise-longue, and shelving unit.

artists studio equipment sitting on a shelf beneath a canvas print of a large red deer on a black background.

A framed photo of a large male red deer, with large antlers, in high-key style on a white background.

A light living space featuring a contemporary wall art print of a red deer, in high-key style, framed on the wall above a dressing table.




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