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Two New Portraits: Swaledale Sheep

October 01, 2017
My two long-running nature photography projects are High-Key portraits on White & Low-Key portraits on Black, and I'm always working on ideas to create new photos to thos...
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Rothko-Inspired Minimalism

September 10, 2017
I was staring out of a train window at a foggy Bedfordshire, wishing I was out with my camera. I was taken by the way the middle-distance faded into the grey. That's a fa...
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Puffin Photos 2017

August 16, 2017
This was my third trip to Skomer Island, off the Pembrokeshire coast, for a few days of puffin photography (Here's a link to a post from my first visit). Generally speak...
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The Anxiety of Infinite Potential

July 02, 2017
Well there's a pretentious title. Perhaps my most pretentious to date! So what am I bleating about this time? The Anxiety of Infinite Potential is a term for my experien...
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Woodland Bluebells 2017

June 09, 2017
In 2015 I made numerous visits to photograph our nearby bluebell woodland, and I wrote this blog post to share my favourites that year. By contrast, 2016 wasn't a great...
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High-Key Nature Photography

March 19, 2017
I enjoy producing 'high-key' wildlife portraits, including portraits on white. It's been a style I've been working on since 2011, and is the sister project to my On Black...
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Photographic and Artistic Inspirations

February 26, 2017
After last month's web-hosting grumble, I wanted to write a positive post this time around. I've been thinking for a while about how to go about writing a post like this,...
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Zenfolio Vs Wordpress for Photographers

January 31, 2017
For the first 5 years this website existed, I used Zenfolio to host it. But after increasing frustration with the service, I decided to build a new site using WordPress....
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2017 Calendar

November 10, 2016
This year's calendar features some of my favourite nature and landscape images from the last 12 months, including some recent red deer photos, along with some local woodl...
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Red Deer Rut Photos - Woburn 2016

October 31, 2016
It’s no secret that deer are my favourite subject for local wildlife photography. I’ve accumulated a decent portfolio of deer images over the last few years, but I’m alwa...
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The 16:9 Aspect Ratio for Photography

September 28, 2016
Aspect ratio defines the shape of a photo. Specifically the relative measurement of each aspect (horizontal and vertical). Traditionally, film cameras (and most digital S...
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Putting the 'Ice' in Iceland

August 24, 2016
It’s almost a year since I visited Iceland for the second time, so I figured it was about time I put some photos together for a blog post. On our first visit, we had amaz...
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Photos from Skuleskogen National Park, on the Swedish High Coast

May 29, 2016
Skuleskogen National Park is situated in Sweden’s “High Coast” region, about halfway the East Coast, beside the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. It’s famed for its gran...
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A Walk In the Woods

April 18, 2016
(OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE NIFTY FIFTY) I started, like most people, thinking that wide angles are the best lenses for landscapes. It’s what we’re t...
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Returning to the Red Squirrels at Forest How

March 17, 2016
I first visited Forest How in 2014, and I wrote a blog post about that trip here. That contains an introduction to the place, and some tips for getting the best out of yo...
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