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I love to photograph sheep and cattle. They're very expressive, characterful animals, and they suit the medium of photography perfectly. They come in a variety of colours, patterns, and breeds, each of which makes for a a different aesthetic and mood. I use the classic portraiture styles of high-key and low-key photography to shoot the subjects. I generally look for eye contact, and a connection with the viewer, as well as an aesthetic that is graphically minimalist and tonally pleasing.
Blackface Sheep ProfileHighland Cattle Bull - On WhiteHighland Cattle Bull - Best Foot ForwardA cow stands staring at the viewer, in a dark studio-lit portrait.Close-up photo of a cow, from Cambridgeshire farmlandLowlight Highland Cattle - B&WHalf a Highland CattleHighland Cattle LickHighland Cattle - Hebridean B&WHighland Cattle PortraitSwaledale sheep photographed in low-key style, on black.Swaledale sheep portrait, in high-key.A highland cattle cow in low light, on black.Low-key portrait of a highland cow with horns and characteristic orange fur.Large bull photographed in dark, low-key lightLavender Pekin ChickenLavender Pekin Chicken PortraitChicken On WhiteCarlos the Pekin RoosterLeo - Hebridean Sheep

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