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Black Swan on Ice

I recently found a lone black swan on a local lake, coinciding with the period of snowfall we had here earlier this month. The combination of black and white was irresistible, so I spent a couple of hours with it looking for interesting photos.

Black swan, on a frozen Lake.
Black Swan & Frozen Lake

Black swans are indigenous to Australia but like many exotic species, they've been released in the UK without too much impact on our native ecology. They're a relatively rare sight in the UK, so they make for an interesting find.

At first the swan was sticking to the edge of the lake, where in a patch of unfrozen water, so I took the opportunity to get some close-ups against the ice of the frozen lake behind.

But what I was really waiting for was a chance to get some wider shots. After well over an hour, the it finally wandered across the middle of the lake, and I was able to take these something showing a little more of the icy surroundings.

Black swan, on a frozen Lake. March 2018. Nature photography, Bedfordshire.
Black Swan Wandering on Frozen Lake

In 2013, there was a pair of black swans here, who nested and raised cygnets. But I hadn't seen them since. For a while there were was one in nearby Bedford town centre. Five years later, this lone individual has surfaced.

Black swan, on a frozen Lake. Nature photography, Bedfordshire.
Black Swan on Frozen Lake

I think this a female, as their necks are more slender than the males. But it's hard to be sure.

Black swan, on a frozen Lake.
Black Swan Portrait

Black swans a noticeably smaller than the more common mute swans we have in the UK, especially when you see them side-by-side. I didn't take any photos of them together, but I did take a few photos of the mute swans on the same day. Although far less unusual as sight than black swans, they still look lovely combined with the snow & ice.

Sadly, I don't expect the mute swans to tolerate the presence of the black swan once nesting season comes around, so I may not get another chance to photograph this individual before she moves on. Even so, I think I've got a good return for this encounter, and I'll always be on the lookout for a repeat opportunity.

Black swan, on a frozen Lake.
Black Swan On Ice



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