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Bluebell Wood Photography Project

For most of my life, I didn’t realise that bluebell woods are actually quite a British thing. Bluebells are something we take for granted in the UK, but in fact not many other countries are treated to this annual floral carpet. Bluebells require the climate, tree cover, and ancient woodland that we have here, and some of my favourites are amongst primarily beech tree woods.

I’m lucky to have a spectacular bluebell woodland not far from me, and since my first occasional visits, I’ve never really dedicated enough attention to the subject. So this year, I was determined to get out at every opportunity during bluebell season, and collect a series of photos documenting the changing nature of the flowering woodland, in various light and weather conditions.

On my first visit, the trees didn’t have many leaves on them, and the bluebells were seizing their opportunity to come into flower…

Bluebell Wood - Afternoon Light
Bluebell Wood - Afternoon Light

I’ve always enjoyed woodland pathway photos, and I was pleased to have taken what I consider my best yet, from the same point I’d tried two years previously…

Bluebell woodland walkway
Bluebell Cathedral

I also tried some panoramas and this was my favourite, comprised of several photos stitched together to create a wide-aspect woodland scene…

Bluebell Wood Panorama
Bluebell Wood Panorama

As the leaves sprouted and the canopy increased, the bluebells had taken over on the ground below…

The low sun is setting behind the trees and bluebells of a Bedfordshire woodland
Low Sun in the Bluebell Wood

In strong winds, I was able to blur the movement of the trees to create an ethereal sketch-like mood to the images…

Bluebell Wood Blur
Bluebell Wood Blur

I also played with black and white images, which I think worked really well in the more graphic compositions, like below…

Sunset in a bluebell wood, shown in black and white
Woodland Sunset (B&W)

The more I visited, the better practiced I got at handling the brightness of the setting sun, combined with the darkness of the tree’s shadows, and this was my last image as the sun set on my final visit…

The sun sets behind the bluebell wood, highlighting the bluebells carpet
Bluebell Wood - Low Centre Sun



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