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Woodland Bluebells 2017

In 2015 I made numerous visits to photograph our nearby bluebell woodland, and I wrote this blog post to share my favourites that year.

By contrast, 2016 wasn't a great year for bluebells, and the weather wasn't particularly conducive to the kind of photos I was after either. So after last year's no-show, I was particularly keen to revisit the subject this spring.

As bluebell season progresses, the leaves start to emerge on the beech trees above, providing a complimentary colour to the purple carpet below.
Sunset Through the Leaves

I started off looking for those sunset scenes I like. The last rays of sun can be very dramatic, and they paint the bluebells a spectacular pinky-purple.

After getting some sunset scenes in the bank, I started looking for something I haven't done before, to bring something original to my portfolio this year. I decided I'd like to capture more photos when the sun is a little higher in the sky. Despite the drama and saturation of the sunset conditions, I'd rather keep pushing myself to find new angles, new scenes, and to shoot in different conditions.

Sunlight paints the leaves and bluebells in this UK woodland scene.
Sunlight on Leaves

I used a combination of different times of day, with a variation in focal lengths to look for something different from what I'd done in the past.

A wide-aspect panorama image of the sun behind a classic bluebell wood, in the British countryside
Bluebell Woods Wide
A wide-aspect panorama image, of an English bluebell wood, shortly after sunrise, as the light paints the flowers pink
Bluebell Wood Wide

I don't tend to include many man-made features in my photos, but I liked the gate at the edge of the wood, which adds a little context to the images, and marks them out as subtly different from my usual landscape style.

A scene from the edge of the bluebell woods, as the light streams in from the side, and the flowers are painted pink.
Bluebell Scene
As the bluebells began to fade away, the trees become evermore green and leafy
Side-Lit Bluebell Wood

My favourites from these bluebell photos will make it to my woodland gallery, which is something I'm hoping to add to in the coming year. I love woodland, trees, and forest, so it's a landscape I want to explore more often, and in different seasons.

A beautiful woodland scene, on a fresh spring morning
Spring Bluebell Woodland




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